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Policy Service Subscription

Your board can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing environment for school district governance and management with a TASB Policy Service subscription.

Good governance starts with good policy. A Policy Service subscription helps districts and boards draft, adopt, and implement school district policy.

A Policy Service subscription is available to TASB members on a fee basis. The subscription includes:

  • Updates to the TASB Policy Reference Manual
  • Updates to the TASB Regulations Resource Manual
  • Publications available in the Governance and Management Library
  • Policy Alerts and other policy-related communications
  • Legal Tips from TASB Legal Services, providing practical legal advice about policy issues
  • The annual update to the TASB Model Student Handbook, provided in English and Spanish
  • The biennial update to the TASB Model Student Code of Conduct, provided in English and Spanish
  • Telephone and policy drafting assistance from your Policy Service consultant, to improve and clarify policy language before board adoption

How to Subscribe

Ask about TASB Policy Service membership to access an online library of reference information, model documents, and policy assistance. Annual subscription fees are based on district enrollment. For an additional fee, Policy Service provides updates to your policy manual based on locally initiated changes, updates to align with changes in law, and access to your policy manual through Policy Online®.

Contact Policy Service Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by calling 800-580-7529 or emailing

Available Solutions & Services

Participation is subject to specific program eligibility.