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Governance and Management Library

The Governance and Management Library provides policy resources and model publications in one convenient place.

The Policy Service Governance and Management Library (GML) includes collections of model documents and policy resources. Located in Policy Online® under More TASB Resources, the GML houses resources such as:  

  • The Model Student Handbook, which can be customized to match district practices while reflecting legal requirements and guidelines from federal and state agencies. 
  • The Model Student Code of Conduct, which outlines the consequences for major disciplinary infractions and the board is required by state law to adopt a student code of conduct each year.  
  • Policy Alerts, which provide information regarding changes in law or other issues that may affect most school districts. 

The GML connects board-focused policy resources that facilitate changes in district regulations and procedures. 

How the GML Helps Your District 

The GML includes policy guides, development tips, and model publications in one convenient place. Districts are encouraged to use GML resources such as the Model Student Handbook to communicate essential information to students and parents. District administrators may download and customize the model text and publish district documents that are compliant with the law and align with district practices. 

Model Student Handbook

Develop your student handbook with confidence using TASB’s Model Student Handbook from Policy Service.

Model Student Code of Conduct

Meet legal requirements and communicate clearly with students and parents using TASB’s Model Student Code of Conduct.

Membership Information

Policy Service Subscription

Your board can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing environment for school district governance and management with a TASB Policy Service subscription.