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Policy Review Session

A TASB Policy Review Session is a great way to be sure board policies align with district practices.

Are you a superintendent new to your district? Not sure if your policy manual is up to date and consistent with district practices? It could be the perfect time for a Policy Review Session. Policy Service recommends a thorough review of your policy manual at least every five to seven years. 

Why Is It Important to Review Policies Regularly? 

Changes in law, district practice, staffing, or other factors may require changes in district policy. Reviewing key policies before the start of each school year while you update student and employee handbooks can help verify that your district’s policy manual matches district practice. 

How Does a Policy Review Session Work? 

Your TASB policy consultant will travel to your district to conduct an extensive and interactive review of your policy manual. The process familiarizes administrators with the structure and content of the policy manual and verifies that policies align with current district practice. 

If your district already has a Policy Service membership, find out who your policy consultant is by logging into your TASB Dashboard. 

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Your board can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing environment for school district governance and management with a TASB Policy Service subscription.