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TASB Memberships

TASB members receive a variety of services, including exclusive news and information, access to services, and on-call assistance through the members’ 800 number.

TASB was established in 1949 with the mission to serve Texas school boards across the state so that they have the solutions, products, training, and insights to operate with efficiency and excellence on behalf of their districts and communities.

Being a TASB member offers a myriad of benefits designed to help districts save taxpayer money and keep resources in the classroom where they belong.

When your school board or education service center board joins TASB, you’ll also enjoy the advantages of being part of a nonprofit member-led organization that is accountable to school board trustees and public education leaders, not shareholders or owners.

Please note that TASB does not offer memberships to individual trustees or district employees.

Membership Opportunities

TASB offers three opportunities for membership in the Association, depending on the type of educational/public entity:

  • Active: The boards of Texas public school districts and education service centers 
  • Associate: Shared service arrangements, community colleges, and central appraisal districts
  • Affiliate: Open-enrollment and college/university charter schools in Texas

For more information about Active, Affiliate, and Associate membership categories and fees or to join, email or call 800-580-8272, ext. 1074.

What's Included With My Membership?

Legal Assistance Active Associate Affiliate
Assistance from TASB Legal Services See Details

by phone or via alerts and advisories

School Law eSource
Legal Services Telephone Consultation Service
Professional Development Active Associate Affiliate
CECRS (Continuing Education Credit Reporting System)
Special Training Opportunities
Member Voice Active Associate Affiliate
Advocacy See Details

Participate in grassroots advocacy and building TASB’s Advocacy Agenda.

Legislative Advisory Council (LAC)
Delegate Assembly
School Board Advocacy Network
Legislative Report
News & Resources Active Associate Affiliate Online Resources
TASB Talks
Texas Lone Star
The Star Newsletter
Board Briefs
TASB Store
Connect on Social See Details

Opportunities to connect with TASB on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

Support of Public Education Active Associate Affiliate
Texans for Strong Public Schools
School Board Recognition Month
Business Recognition Program
Student Video Contest
Superintendent of the Year
Elective Programs & Services

TASB offers a variety of additional elective programs and services designed to bring efficiencies and cost-savings to participants. These offerings may include a separate fee and/or other eligibility criteria. Visit individual service-related pages for more details. Learn more about these elective programs and services, including those offered by TASB affiliated entities.

Active Associate Affiliate
Policy Service & Policy Online See Details

TASB experts keep up with changing laws and regulations that impact school district governance and operations. Participation in policy-related services and solutions may include:

  • Access to TASB Policy Service publications, manuals, and resources
  • Consulting and policy drafting assistance
  • Access to Policy Online, an internet-based tool for publishing an organization’s policies, providing a quick, inexpensive, and easy electronic alternative to hard-copy manuals.

* Please note: TASB uses unique, proprietary letter codes and coding structure. TASB retains all rights, title, and interest, including copyright ownership, to its LEGAL policies and unadopted LOCAL model policies or templates promulgated by TASB.

Learn more about Policy Service & Policy Online.

Policy Library Subscription for Charter Schools See Details

A TASB Library Subscription gives charter schools access to model documents and policy resources to help serve their students with the foundations of good governance. (Policy Service does not provide local policy customization services for charter schools.)

Learn More

Legal Assistance Fund See Details

The TASB Legal Assistance Fund (LAF) advocates for public schools in legal proceedings before courts and regulatory agencies with the goal of favorably impacting the outcome of legal rulings and determinations affecting public education.

Learn more about TASB's LAF membership

Legal Research Library Subscription See Details

The TASB Legal Research Library (LRL) subscription provides access to our online, searchable legal resources.

Learn more about TASB's LRL and LRL All Pass Subscriptions.

HR Service Membership See Details

Leverage HR expertise to support your district’s staffing and talent management needs. Designed for administrators, participation in TASB HR Services may include:

  • Access to valuable HR resources, including the Model Employee Handbook, model job descriptions, and TASB’s HR Library, an online encyclopedia of information that includes discussion of HR-related topics and model forms and letters
  • HR phone support, training, and consulting
  • TASB HR DataSourceTM, an online tool for creating customized reports using data from our salary and HR surveys for strategic compensation decisions

Learn more about TASB’s HR Service Membership.

(not CAD/SSA)
Student Solutions Membership See Details

Improving student outcomes is the goal of excellent school board governance, and TASB offers specialized support for districts seeking assistance with special student programs. Through the TASB Student Solutions Online™ portal, Student Solutions Membership gives you access to: 

  • Customizable special education model and Section 504 operating procedures
  • Resources for running efficient programs centered on best practices
  • Online and local training opportunities for you and district staff
  • Updated content to reflect changes in laws and regulations

Learn more about TASB’s Student Solutions membership.

School Medicaid Services See Details

Ensuring maximized school Medicaid reimbursement for qualifying services is essential to offering high-quality services. Let TASB help your district determine the benefits of participation in the School Health and Related Services (SHARS) program by:

  • Reviewing your current program to determine compliance
  • Analyzing current revenue to maximize available resources
  • Assisting with best practices for billing and documentation
  • Supporting your districts SHARS program as your chosen vendor

Learn more about School Medicaid Services.

Facility Planning Membership See Details

Keeping up with district facilities to provide an optimal learning and working environment requires ongoing maintenance, planning, and strategic utilization of resources. TASB offers the following assistance:

  • Facility Assessments of all district facilities
  • Access to TASB Facility Dashboard, quarterly district surveys, and annual onsite facility review
  • Access to experienced personnel

Learn more about TASB’s Facility Planning Membership.

Environmental Membership See Details

Creating a healthy learning and work environment is essential to student success. TASB offers assistance when it comes to the important work of complying with pest and asbestos requirements, including:

  • Access to experienced personnel and telephone consultations
  • Help with regulatory compliance, including asbestos management and Integrated Pest Management  
  • Access to professional and informative training (in-person and online)

Learn more about TASB’s Environmental Membership.

Community College Policy Reference Manual Subscription See Details

The Community College Policy Reference Manual (CCPRM) provides the legal framework for key areas of college operations. Subscribing colleges may designate up to ten individuals at the college to receive access to the CCPRM. 

Learn more about the Community College Policy Reference Manual  subscription.

(not CADS/SSA)
Community College Policy Updating Services Subscription See Details

Community College Policy Reference Manual (CCPRM) subscribers may choose to have TASB Community College Services maintain their local board policy manual. Colleges that use Community College Services to maintain their localized policy manuals are eligible to receive:

  • Semiannual TASB-initiated Numbered Updates that contain updated legal and local policies
  • Assistance in completing local college-initiated policy changes, referred to as Local District Updates (LDUs)
  • Unlimited policy consultation services by phone and email with their assigned policy consultant
  • Quick, easy access to their board policy manual by publishing it on Policy Online®

Learn more about Community College Policy Updating Service Subscription.

(not CADS/SSA)
Community College Policy Online® See Details

Community colleges with a local board policy manual maintained by TASB may also subscribe to Policy Online®, a web-based tool for delivering college policy to board members, administrators, faculty, and students. Policy Online® provides:

  • Quick, easy access to the college’s TASB Localized Policy Manual
  • A full-manual search tool
  • Confidence that the manual is up-to-date
  • Freedom from the lost time and expense of hard-copy maintenance
  • Easy distribution of the college’s policies

Learn more about Policy Online® for Community Colleges.

(not CADS/SSA)
Council of School Attorneys Membership See Details

When a school board or community college is a member of TASB, their district’s attorneys are eligible to join the Council of School Attorneys and receive access to additional legal resources, including:

  • TASB School Law Update newsletter online under MyTASB
  • CSA E-Mail updates
  • CSA Roster
  • CLE Training
  • Subscriptions for CSA members

Learn more about the Council of School Attorneys.

Executive Search Services See Details

When your school board is looking for a new superintendent, TASB’s Executive Search Services can provide a turnkey approach customized to meet the needs of your district, including: 

  • Community engagement and communication
  • Recruitment, interviewing, and site visits
  • Transition, onboarding, and relationship-building

Learn more about Executive Search Services.

BoardBook® See Details

Your school board meeting preparation can be streamlined and simplified with TASB’s all-in-one web-based meeting preparation software. Benefits include:

  • A digital meeting solution that allows for quick and easy updates, additions, and changes
  • Customizable templates ready for your organization
  • Advanced search function and permission settings

Learn more about BoardBook.

Energy Cooperative See Details

Develop budget certainty and peace of mind by locking in competitive fixed rates on electricity and fuel. Benefits of this cooperative may include:

  • Competitive pricing from harnessing the purchasing power of members
  • Compliance and transparency through a competitive procurement process under Texas law
  • Stability and budget certainty through exclusive contract terms built to benefit public schools and governmental entities
  • Governance by board of trustees made up of elected officials and employees of participating governmental entities

Learn more about the TASB Energy Cooperative.

TASB Risk Management Fund See Details

As the largest provider of risk management services to educational entities in Texas, the TASB Risk Management Fund provides comprehensive and responsive solutions to support educational success, including:

  • Comprehensive coverage lines such as auto, property, liability, cybersecurity, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, and violent act
  • A self-insured risk pool accountable to members, not stockholders seeking profits
  • High-quality training and support

Learn more about TASB the Risk Management Fund.

(not CAD)
TASB Benefits Cooperative See Details

Created by school districts for school districts, the Benefits Coop offers competitive benefit services, including high-quality health, dental, and vision coverage, plus a range of voluntary products. The advantages of the Coop include:

  • Strong benefit plans to recruit and retain employees
  • Strength in numbers with more than 70,000 school employees enrolled to date

Learn more about the TASB Benefits Cooperative.

The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative (BuyBoard®) See Details

Increase your purchasing power, lower administrative costs, and streamline the procurement process with BuyBoard®, which has served school districts, cities, counties, and other governmental entities since 1998. By using BuyBoard, you may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Value and choice in services and products
  • Competitive procurement process
  • Potential for member rebates reflecting the program’s value, benefit, and efficient administration
  • Governance by an 11-member board of trustees made up of elected officials and employees of participating governmental entities

Learn more about BuyBoard.

Ready to Join or Need More Information?

For more information about Active, Affiliate, and Associate membership categories and fees or to join, email or call 800-580-8272, ext. 1074.