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Policy Service Numbered Update

TASB Policy Service and TASB Legal Services monitor and analyze policy implications and prepare Numbered Updates for your district.

Federal and state laws change frequently. How can a school district make sure its policies stay up to date? At TASB, we’re always tracking changes in the legal landscape and how those changes may impact your district.  

TASB Policy Service and TASB Legal Services monitor recent changes in state and federal law, court cases, and decisions by the attorney general and the commissioner of education to determine policy implications and prepare recommended revisions to your policy manual. We issue two numbered updates a year to provide districts with updated legal requirements and offer for consideration revisions to affected local policies.  

When there are changes to laws affecting school district policy, your TASB Policy Service consultant will: 

  • Review the district’s relevant local policies. 
  • Determine how the district’s current policy aligns with legal requirements. 
  • Prepare recommended revisions to ensure alignment with current law. 
  • Send the district the updated legal policies along with recommended revisions to the district’s local policies and a thorough explanation of the changes. 

Local Manual Updates  

Districts receive online resources and guidance for the board to adopt policy, available in Policy Online® under Local Manual Updates. Policy Service produces a Local Policy Overview that provides an executive-level summary of the recommended local policy changes with a short video and a corresponding transcript. 

Numbered Update Packet 

A district’s numbered update packet contains the updated legal policies and revisions to impacted local policies offered for consideration by the board. 

Make sure policy and practice stay aligned by updating handbooks, administrative procedures, and guidelines when affected by a local policy change and keep your district staff and community informed of changes as needed. 

If your district already has a Policy Service membership, find out who your policy consultant is by logging into your TASB Dashboard. 

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Policy Service Subscription

Your board can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing environment for school district governance and management with a TASB Policy Service subscription.