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Local District Updates

Use Local District Updates to ensure your district policy manual stays updated when there is a need to add, amend, or delete a policy.

From time to time, your district will need to add a new policy, delete an old one, or amend a current policy. When your district initiates a policy change, it’s called a Local District Update or LDU. Your TASB Policy Service consultant can guide you through the process. 

An LDU might occur as a response to: 

  • A change in district practices, priorities, or staffing 
  • A change in legal options 
  • Information and resources from your TASB Policy Service consultant 

Make sure your policy manual stays updated with resources from Policy Service and keep your district staff and community informed of changes as needed. 

If your district already has a Policy Service membership, find out who your policy consultant is by logging into your TASB Dashboard. 

Membership Information

Policy Service Subscription

Your board can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing environment for school district governance and management with a TASB Policy Service subscription.