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Model Student Handbook

Develop your student handbook with confidence using TASB’s Model Student Handbook from Policy Service.

Districts that use TASB’s Model Student Handbook (sometimes abbreviated as MSHB) can be confident they are receiving information reviewed by legal and policy experts to develop their student handbooks. 

The Model Student Handbook, available in both English and Spanish, is updated before each school year to help districts stay current with changes in state and federal law, guidelines from state and federal agencies, commissioner rulings, court cases, and the like. The student handbook can be customized to match district practices. 

Model Student Handbook Outlines Parental Rights 

The Model Student Handbook is one of the best ways school districts can keep parents informed and updated on many of their rights regarding their students’ education.  

The MSHB helps communicate essential information to students and parents for the current school year. District administrators may download and customize the model text and publish student handbooks to align with district practices and help districts stay compliant with law. 

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Your board can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing environment for school district governance and management with a TASB Policy Service subscription.