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Three Benefits to Recognizing Media in Your Community

media reporters interviewed a person. TASB Media Honor Roll.

News media have a powerful platform to share information about Texas public schools. As journalists in your community report on achievements, challenges, and initiatives within your school district, TASB provides an opportunity to celebrate their coverage. 

Each year, the TASB Media Honor Roll serves as a platform for districts to nominate and recognize local media at a school board meeting. In most cases, boards will pass a formal resolution and present a TASB personalized certificate to their nominated news representatives. TASB understands that positive news serves a special purpose to unite your district and the community. 

“The media plays a strong role in sharing the successes and challenges within our Texas public schools,” said Dan Troxell, TASB executive director. “By showcasing success stories, journalists not only inform but also inspire, fostering a culture of appreciation and improvement in our school communities.”  

Criteria for the district selection include the media representative’s efforts to get to know the superintendent, board president, and the district’s mission and goals, report school news in a fair, accurate, and balanced manner, and give a high profile to positive news about schools. 

San Angelo ISD has utilized this award for many years to celebrate journalists, acknowledge their growing relationships, and thank them for their work.  

 "San Angelo ISD values the indispensable partnership we have with our local media," said Christopher Moran, San Angelo ISD superintendent. "The public being informed of important district-related news is fundamental and our local media does an excellent job in helping us accomplish that. Through their continued news coverage of the school district, our media partners help us not only communicate important district-related information, but they also help us share the successes of our students, faculty, and district with the public." 

Recognizing your local journalists is a strategic investment in transparency, collaboration, and community support.  

Here are three benefits to submitting nominations for the Media Honor Roll: 

1. Fostering Trust and Growing Relationships 

Acknowledging the work of your local media outlet allows your district to build a relationship beyond just one single reported story. When you extend the invitation as a contact for future stories, the reporter becomes invested in the work of your board, superintendent, and campuses. In addition to covering stories more frequently in your district, an invested reporter will also maintain a policy of no surprises when it comes time for them to share information with school officials. Your district's public information officer or communications department representative can keep journalists' information on file and remain in constant contact throughout the school year.   

2. Building Community Pride and Support 

Recognizing a reporter's efforts to cover district celebrations amplifies a sense of pride and cultivates a supportive environment for your district's work. Positive media coverage not only boosts morale among students, teachers, and administrators, but also attracts attention and support from external stakeholders, such as businesses, lawmakers, and city and county leadership. 

3. Increasing District Coverage 

When journalists become familiar with your schools and the stories they are sharing, they develop an invested interest and are more likely to continue covering your initiatives and conducting follow-up stories.  

Districts can submit individual reporters, entire stations, or newspapers for this award. Please complete the form by Friday, June 14, 2024.

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