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Trustees adopt TASB legislative agenda
School board members from around the state, serving as their districts’ official delegates to the TASB Delegate Assembly, adopted the TASB 2018-2020 Advocacy Agenda on Saturday, September 29 during the TASA/TASB Convention in Austin. The Agenda will guide TASB’s advocacy efforts during the 86th Legislature and will ensure that school district voices are represented at the Capitol and elsewhere. Learn more.

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  • TASB Legal Services' article Visitors to School Property and School Events (pdf) provides guidance related to school visitors, including visitor screening, sex offenders, prohibited activities, and excluding disruptive parents and others from school property or school events.
  • TASB Legal Services' article What do School Districts Need to Know About Epinephrine Auto-Injectors? (pdf) discusses use of epinephrine to treat anaphylaxis on a school campus, including the legal requirements for a district with a policy that authorizes staff or volunteers to administer an unassigned epinephrine auto-injector.
  • TASB Legal Services' FAQ Exclusionary Discipline: Legal Questions and Concerns (pdf) provides answers to common questions regarding new approaches to student behavior that seek to reduce disciplinary removals.
  • TASB Legal Services' document Guidelines for Responding to Allegations of Educator Misconduct (pdf) was developed in collaboration with representatives from school districts, law enforcement, TEA, SBEC, the Texas Department of Family Protective Services, and other entities. The Guidelines provide considerations for school districts to develop plans with local authorities for responding to allegations of sexual harassment, improper relationships, and child abuse.
  • Last month's most-viewed eSource page: Governance—Districts of Innovation.

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High-Quality Prekindergarten Program Teacher Training and Qualifications
During the past few years, Texas has increased its focus on improving prekindergarten programs as a means to improve early reading, math, and social development.

The Dos and Don’ts of FML
We've put together a list of dos and don’ts that should help HR staff with some relevant Family and Medical Leave guidance.

Extra-Duty Stipend Survey Results for 2017–2018
Extra-duty pay for high school football coaches as well as stipend payment methods revealed in latest stipend survey results.

Balmorhea ISD Hires New Superintendent

On October 10, the Balmorhea ISD Board of Trustees voted to hire John Massey as the district’s new superintendent. Massey recently served as superintendent in Dalhart ISD.

Palacios ISD Hires Executive Search Services

On October 8, the Palacios ISD Board of Trustees voted to hire TASB Executive Search Services (ESS) to conduct a search for a new superintendent. 

Flatonia ISD Names Lone Finalist

On October 2, the Flatonia ISD Board of Trustees named Andy Reddock as the lone finalist for the position of superintendent. Reddock currently serves as superintendent in Pewitt CISD.

Further details about all search activities can be found on the ESS website.

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