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Join the School Board Advocacy Network

TASB’s School Board Advocacy Network is a free service to help you stay informed and up -to-date on important education and legislative news.

As an elected school board member, you and your board are chosen by local voters to represent the interests of your school district. One of the key responsibilities of being a school board member, as outlined by the State Board of Education, is advocacy and engagement. That work includes “providing input and feedback to the Legislature, State Board of Education, and the Texas Education Agency to ensure maximum effectiveness and benefit to Texas schoolchildren.”

With so much going on in and around the Legislature, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the information being reported online, in the paper, and talked about in the halls of the Capitol.

TASB’s School Board Advocacy Network (SBAN) is designed to help you stay informed and up to date on important legislative and education news so you can successfully speak out on issues of importance to your school district and Texas public schoolchildren in general.

Why Join?

There’s strength in numbers. SBAN mobilizes school leaders across Texas when critical legislative issues arise. You can join hundreds of school leaders across the state in influencing key policymakers. SBAN alerts provide everything you need to make a difference, including:

  • Detailed background information
  • Steps for taking action
  • Resources for contacting legislators and policymakers

Joining SBAN doesn’t require you to have experience in or knowledge of state politics. You just need to be a school trustee or superintendent who’s interested in learning about legislative issues and is committed to ensuring that state and federal lawmakers know where your district stands on issues affecting public schools.

As an SBAN member, you’ll get:

  • Guidance to help you be an effective advocate for public schools
  • Instructions and tools to make your efforts quick and easy
  • Regular legislative updates with the information you need to know
  • An exclusive invitation to a special lunch at each year’s txEDCON TASA | TASB Convention

Sign Up and Share!

To join, simply share your name, school district, email address, and phone number. Join SBAN today.

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