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Welcome to the New Website

Get a quick look at changes to the website, including key details on finding what you need and making the most of the improved search and member dashboard.

First of all, we’re glad you’re here! This new website follows a long process of planning, design, and implementation — all with the goal of improving our member experience. Our new site features intuitive navigation and a more flexible and resilient infrastructure that’s built to support the ever-changing needs of our members. While may look different, what’s not changing is our commitment to providing high quality solutions, services, resources, insights, and training.

Here are some key details: 

Logging In 

Dual district user

Select that district from the top of the screen where your name appears.

For the best experience on, logging into the site should be your first step to ensuring access to all relevant content and functionality. Just use the same TASB login you’ve been using. Simply click the Log In button at the top of the screen.

If you’re connected to TASB in multiple ways, let’s say as an employee at one district and as a board member from another one, you’ll have the option of using a dropdown menu to select that district from the top of the screen where your name appears. 

Forgotten your credentials or need help? Contact us.

Leveraging the New Member Dashboard

The new Member Dashboard is one of the key benefits of the new website. It provides one-stop access to those solutions, services, and events most relevant to your work — whether as a superintendent, board member, or district staff member. Each dashboard has an experience unique to your role, with some containing helpful links and announcements and reminders. 

Other great features include access to the TASB solutions and services that your district participates in under “My Services.” 

User dashboard

Want to reach your policy consultant or field representative? You’ll find their contact information under “My Contacts > View All.”

You’ll also stay in the loop on events and other relevant information because these will be listed under “Announcements & Reminders.” For Board Members and Superintendents, find the latest on your required training, in the section titled “Continuing Education.” 

Board members can enter continuing education credits and see their progress. Superintendents and their administrative assistants will also be able to run continuing education reports to see board progress or enter CEC hours for individual board members.

Want to navigate to other parts of the site? Just use the navigation or click the TASB logo to be taken to the home page.

Enhancing Value

A TASB membership offers access to a lot of great resources and insights, and within the new site, the value of this content will be prioritized for members. That’s why you’ll notice that some content has a lock icon, which requires you to log in for full access.

If you’re unable to access a content that you think you should have access to, simply fill out the request access form, which you can access from the content you're viewing.

screenshot of the Request Access notification page

Our new site’s enhanced search and navigation features will help you easily find the content you need using keywords or complete phrases. We've also added visual cues to identify information members need from key areas, including HR Services, Legal Services, Board Development Services, and Policy Service.

In addition, when you search using the top search bar, you will search all TASB websites, including Risk Management Fund, First Public, Lone Star Investment Pool, and TASB Benefits Coop. 

TASB Federated Search

TASB Search

Members looking for resources related to one of our affiliated entities, such as the TASB Risk Management Fund or TASB Benefits Cooperative, will be able to navigate to the entity sites with just a click. (See the footer at the bottom of every page.) You'll notice that has a similar look and feel, so finding your way should feel familiar.

We're also excited to unveil a brand-new website for those members of TASB Community College Services. The needs of our Texas higher education organizations are unique, so we've created a distinct website that makes it easy to find those specific services, including legal and policy expertise. Whether you go directly to or visit first, you'll be able to locate the assistance you've come to rely on. 

Providing Support

We know it's been a while since we re-imagined our website so the new one is a big change. Don't worry. If you have any questions or need any help finding anything, our team is ready to help.  

We'll be continuing to make tweaks and enhancements to continuously improve the member experience, so let us know you have any feedback or requests.

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