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Trustees Begin To Develop Legislative Priorities

This year’s Grassroots Meetings began in January when trustees in ESC Region 13 gathered at TASB headquarters in Austin to discuss regional priorities that may become part of the next Advocacy Agenda.

Hundreds of trustees from across the state took part in TASB’s regional Grassroots Meetings this year, collaborating to form regional priorities that will be considered for TASB’s Advocacy Agenda.

At the meetings, trustees heard updates on the Texas Legislature and discussed many of the important issues facing Texas public schools and students as they worked to identify the most critical items to include in their regional lists. Many regions chose to include teacher recruitment and retention, an increase to the basic allotment, and additional support for school safety and security in their priorities, among other issues.

“It was great to feel the energy in the room at the [ESC] Region One Grassroots Meeting. The unity in our common goals and passion for public education is strong,” said Daniella Lopez-Valdez, a Brownsville ISD trustee who attended the Grassroots Meeting in Edinburg on Jan. 11.

The meetings were held in education service center regions around the state, beginning in ESC Region 13 in Austin at TASB headquarters. Many attendees expressed their appreciation for the ability to discuss their thoughts with other trustees, discovering that they share many of the same concerns even though their district characteristics may differ.

“I love coming to these meetings,” said Renae Mitchell, Pflugerville ISD’s board president, who has attended several Grassroots Meetings in Austin during her eight years on the board. “This is a great way to stay involved and contribute to shaping our education system.”

Now that the local priorities have been established, the Legislative Advisory Council — consisting of trustees elected during the regional grassroots meetings — will gather in Austin on April 20 to merge them into one statewide list of priorities to be considered by the TASB Delegate Assembly and potentially become priorities in the Advocacy Agenda for the upcoming legislative session.

Submit Advocacy Resolutions

TASB invites all school boards to submit new resolutions to be included in the 2024–26 Advocacy Agenda.

TASB’s Advocacy Agenda includes priorities and resolutions. Advocacy priorities are the legislative goals arising from TASB’s grassroots process. The resolutions are board-submitted positions guiding TASB’s response to other issues that might come before the Texas Legislature, State Board of Education, and regulatory entities.

Resolution proposals will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on June 17. Each resolution must be adopted by your board and must be submitted using the TASB Advocacy Agenda Resolution Submission Form. Plan now to put any proposed resolutions on your board’s agenda before the submissions deadline if you have not already.

Proposed resolutions are first reviewed by the TASB Resolutions Committee and then by the TASB Board of Directors. In September, the 2024 Delegate Assembly will adopt approved resolutions that will form part of the 2024-26 Advocacy Agenda, which will remain in effect until the end of the 2026 TASB Delegate Assembly.

Please note that all current resolutions will expire, along with the 2022-24 Advocacy Agenda, in September after the Delegate Assembly adjourns. Any resolutions your district wants to see on the new agenda must be resubmitted.

Also, we strongly encourage your board to send a trustee to the TASB Delegate Assembly in San Antonio on Sept. 28 to represent your board’s interests and support your advocacy positions. 

Photo: This year’s Grassroots Meetings began in January when trustees in ESC Region 13 gathered at TASB headquarters in Austin to discuss regional priorities that may become part of the next Advocacy Agenda.

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Dax Gonzales
Dax Gonzalez
Division Director of TASB Governmental Relations

Dax González is division director of TASB Governmental Relations.