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Engagement and Service

TASB President Armando Rodriguez and Ted Beard, a Longview ISD trustee and the 2021-22 TASB President join other trustees and students during a closing activity at the 2024 Governance Camp in Galveston.

As trustees, we understand the weight of our responsibility. Every decision we make has a ripple effect, shaping the educational landscape of our communities and the lives of our students. It is a profound privilege to serve, but it also comes with its challenges.

Throughout my journey as a trustee, one principle has remained steadfast in my mind: “If you’re not at the table, then you’re on the menu.” This quote, which has resonated with me since my teenage years, serves as a constant reminder of the importance of active engagement and service.

I vividly remember attending school board meetings while still in high school, eager to learn and contribute to the discussions that would impact my education and that of my peers. It quickly became apparent that those who are actively involved have a greater influence on the direction of our schools and communities.

Creating Positive Change

Service is not just a commitment; it is a catalyst for positive change. The more we invest in our roles as trustees, the greater the dividends for our students and school districts in the long run. This principle holds true not only at the local level but also within organizations like TASB.

Engagement with TASB offers invaluable opportunities for growth and development. Whether through enrollment in programs like Board Officer Institute, participation in the many conferences and training opportunities, or fostering connections with fellow members, TASB provides a platform for trustees to enhance their skills and effectiveness.

I personally cherish my time at TASB, not only for the deep knowledge and trusted insights I have gained but also for the relationships I’ve been able to forge with fellow trustees from every corner of Texas. The camaraderie and shared commitment to public service have enriched my experience as a trustee in my home district of Canutillo.

Staying Engaged

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities facing public education, it is more important than ever for us to stay engaged, stay connected, and embrace the ethos of TASB public service. Our collective efforts have the power to shape the future of education in Texas and ensure that every student has access to quality learning experiences.

I urge each of you to seize the opportunities afforded by TASB membership, to actively participate in the initiatives and programs available, and to continue advocating for the needs of your communities. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and the success of our school districts.

Thank you for your dedication to public education and your commitment to service. Let us continue to work tirelessly on behalf of the students and families we serve.

Photo: TASB President Armando Rodriguez (third from right) and Ted Beard, a Longview ISD trustee and the 2021-22 TASB President (to Rodriguez’s right) join other trustees and students during a closing activity at the 2024 Governance Camp in Galveston.

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Armando Rodriguez
Armando Rodriguez
Canutillo ISD

Rodriguez is serving his fifth term on the Canutillo ISD Board, where his fellow trustees have elected him as president, vice president, and secretary.

Professionally, he is the business development manager of Hellas Construction Inc. Rodriguez has the distinction of being one of the youngest people ever to be elected to office in El Paso County. A graduate of Canutillo High School and The University of Texas at El Paso, Rodriguez is one of the founding members of the Canutillo Alumni Foundation for Education — the only organization specifically designed to award scholarships to Canutillo graduates.

He currently serves on the board of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials and has also served as president of the Mexican American School Boards Association and president of the Far West Texas School Boards Association.

Rodriguez is a Leadership TASB graduate and Master Trustee.