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Texas Education Code Training for School Board Members

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Meeting basic state training requirements shouldn’t be complicated. When and where school board members get their training in the Texas Education Code depends on how long you’ve served on your school board.

First-Year Board Members: Orientation to the Texas Education Code for Trustees

In your first year, you must complete a basic “Orientation to the Education Code” training course with an emphasis on governing Texas school districts, and a focus on parental rights and health education.

This required training is a workshop that is offered at your regional Education Service Center (ESC). The workshops may also be available online or as a video series if you are unable to attend in-person training sessions. Check with your local ESC for details.

The orientation must be at least 3 hours in length. You can complete it up to a year before election or appointment, or within 120 days of election or appointment.

Required Training After Election

If you are a newly elected or appointed trustee, other laws require additional training in your first 120 days. Read more about the current training requirements for new and experienced trustees.

Experienced Board Members: Your Required Update to the Texas Education Code

After each regular and called legislative sessions that affect education, veteran trustees must receive an “Update to the Education Code” training to familiarize them with any changes to the Texas Education Code. This update must also cover any legal developments related to school governance.

TASB’s Post-Legislative Conference, held in both San Antonio and Fort Worth, is designed to get experienced board members the Texas Education Code training credit they need. This conference provides updates on what laws were passed, what laws changed, and how those laws affect schools. The conference is held each summer in conjunction with TASB’s Summer Leadership Institute (SLI), where trustees can also earn additional continuing education credit. 

You can also check out our new course in the Online Learning Center or attend Catching up With the Texas Legislature at the TASA | TASB Convention. TASB staff members also can provide your team with a session locally.

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