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TASB Special Education Solutions Is Now TASB School Medicaid Services

TASB Special Education Solutions is changing its name to TASB School Medicaid Services as part of an effort to better reflect the team's expertise and the services offered, including School Health and Related Services (SHARS) and Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) programs.   

What’s not changing is the TASB commitment to providing high-quality services to help school districts across Texas navigate complex Medicaid reimbursement and reporting systems. In fact, this year marks 30 years of TASB’s work in the area of school Medicaid services.  

With more than 100 years of combined experience in school Medicaid services on the team, TASB has the expertise to help guide school districts in executing compliant program and maximizing their Medicaid-eligible reimbursements through SHARS programs and MAC programs.   

The School Medicaid Services team also delivers valuable insights about key deadlines, program changes, and tips to improve districts’ Medicaid program through the SHARS Matters newsletter and trainings. 

Questions? The TASB team is here to help. Contact the team at

Get reimbursed for Medicaid program administration.

Medicaid Administrative Claiming

Let us help you recoup the funds you’re already spending on Medicaid administrative activities.

Work SMARTer with TASB SMART Solutions

Proper service documentation for all students is crucial. SMART Solutions will help you maximize Medicaid-eligible reimbursements and streamline SHARS reporting.

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Madison Davison
Madison Davison
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