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Our TASB Brand Story 

Each element of our logo symbolizes a vital part of our Texas public school family. The center star is inspired by the more than 5.4 million Texas schoolchildren across our diverse state. Students are always at the center of the TASB mission to promote educational excellence, and the surrounding navy blue is a tribute to our members, whose good governance is the cornerstone for thriving school communities.  

Yet success is only possible in partnership with families and parents, who are represented in our brand by a gray color that emphasizes how these connections are the building blocks for strong school communities. Working in collaboration with parents are the dedicated educators and staff who are celebrated for their commitment with a vibrant yellow. Our collective optimism about the power of public education is as vast as the Texas sky, which is represented by light blue. 

Together, these symbolic blocks of color complement one another and work together to create a brighter future for all Texas schoolchildren and a stronger, more prosperous Lone Star State for everyone.  

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