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Classroom Instruction Time Varies by State

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Due to differences in state laws and local rules governing school districts, children in some states receive as much as 196 hours, or five and a half weeks, more instruction time annually than children in other states.

Research recently published in the American Education Research Journal finds differences in the length of a school day or year translate to huge gaps in learning opportunities. Other key findings include:

  • Children living in jurisdictions requiring the most time in school benefit from over two years more education over their K-12 careers than those living in areas that require the least.
  • When accounting for student absences, suspensions, and classroom interruptions, time intended for instruction is lost.
  • One-quarter of students nationwide missed at least 10 percent of the 2023-2024 school year.
  • States that mandate a minimum number of days in the school year range from 160 required days (Colorado) to 186 days (Kansas). States mandating a minimum number of hours range from 720 hours (Arizona) to 1,260 (Texas).

For more information, check out the article Class Time Roulette: Kids Receive Up to Two Years More School Depending on Where They Live from The 74.

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