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Navigating Year End and Future Planning for Special Populations and SHARS


TASB School Medicaid Services- or TASB Student Solutions-

Join Dr. Karlyn Keller for a comprehensive session designed to guide school district staff through the critical tasks of wrapping up the 2023-2024 school year and preparing for upcoming changes in both Special Populations and SHARS. This webinar will provide a recap to understanding the year's significant developments and their impacts on special education and SHARS as well as a look ahead..

In the first half, we will reflect on the changes that have shaped special population programs this year, discussing their implications and outlining strategies for effective future planning. The second half will pivot to anticipating potential shifts in SHARS, preparing you to navigate these changes with strategic insights and practical foresight.

Key Takeaways:
An integrated understanding of the year’s key developments in special populations and SHARS.
Practical strategies and a checklist of tasks for wrapping up the current year and effectively planning for the next.
Insights into potential future changes and their implications, preparing you for proactive rather than reactive management.
Who Should Attend:
This webinar is particularly beneficial for school district administrators, special education coordinators, SHARS personnel, and anyone involved in strategic planning and implementation within educational settings.

Prepare to engage in a session filled with insights, strategic foresight, and actionable takeaways that will empower you to manage both immediate and future challenges in the special populations and SHARS education sector.