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TASB Energy Cooperative Fuel Program

Enables Cooperative members to acquire unleaded gasoline, diesel, or propane through spot purchases or the fixed-rate fuel program (unleaded gasoline and diesel only).

Save money on the gasoline, diesel, and propane you use every day with TASB Energy Cooperative’s fuel program. Members of the fuel program have three purchasing options:

  1. Make spot purchases.
    • Rack-rate unleaded gasoline or diesel
    • OPIS-rate unleaded gasoline or diesel
    • Index rate propane
  2. Participate in the fixed-rate fuel program.
    • Lock in fuel rates (unleaded gasoline and/or diesel) at a fixed rate for a specified period under a fuel purchase agreement with an awarded vendor of the Cooperative.
  3. Combine both options.

Purchasing Power

The TASB Energy Cooperative offers fuel options based on your preferences, needs, and value. By combining purchasing power, members may receive bulk rates based on current market prices for fuel. Each year members purchase more than 15 million gallons of fuel through the Cooperative.

Stability and Budget Certainty

Under the Energy Cooperative’s fixed-price fuel program, members can lock unleaded gasoline and diesel rates for a specified time under a purchase agreement with awarded vendors. Purchasing fuel at a fixed rate decreases the effects of market volatility and assists with more accurate budgeting.

Fuel Pooling

The TASB Energy Cooperative's annual spring fuel pool is an opportunity to leverage our strength in numbers and secure the best price available for fuel purchases. As one of the biggest aggregators of fuel in Texas, the TASB Energy Cooperative offers our members an opportunity to take advantage of fixed-rate pricing that has been competitively bid. The volume of aggregation allows our vendors the ability to find the best price available for our participants. Gain peace of mind knowing that we award vendor contracts through a transparent and competitive procurement process to help you stay compliant with Texas local and start procurement requirements. 

Members of TASB Energy Cooperative's fuel and electricity programs are eligible to participate. Even if you aren't enrolled in the fuel program currently, you're still eligible to participate as long as you have a signed Interlocal Participation Agreement (IPA) on file with us. Since the TASB Energy Cooperative is board-governed, each year the fuel pool must be approved by the board to move forward and execute the pool. To learn more about the fuel pool and if participation may benefit your organization, watch our collaborative webinar series, Insights on Fuel Pooling. For questions, contact Adrian Porras at or 512-293-5086. 

Awarded Fuel Providers

TASB Energy Cooperative has several awarded fuel vendors to provide members with competitive pricing and value on their fuel purchases. 


Fuel: Fixed, Rack and OPIS

Fuel: OPIS Only

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Membership Information

TASB Active Membership

Active Members consist of the boards of Texas public school districts and education service centers. They have voting privileges in the Association and may participate in all of TASB's services.

TASB Energy Cooperative Membership

Lock in budget certainty with competitive fixed rates on electricity, transportation fuels, and other types of commodities through TASB Energy Cooperative.

TASB Associate Membership

Associate Members consist of shared service arrangements, community colleges, and central appraisal districts.

TASB Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Members are open-enrollment and college/university charter schools in Texas.