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TASB Energy Cooperative Electricity Program

Members in deregulated electricity areas in Texas can procure electricity through a service agreement with a retail electric provider awarded by the TASB Energy Cooperative.

TASB Energy Cooperative members in deregulated electricity areas in Texas can take advantage of competitive, fixed rates on electricity by participating in our electricity program. The Cooperative currently has 200 plus governmental entities participants across Texas in the program with around 1.5 Terawatt hours (TWh) per year.

Purchasing Power

Options may be available depending on your entity’s preferences, needs, and value. The  electricity market is continuously monitored, helping entities contract based on the specific requirements of the district, university, county, or municipality. 

Stability and Budget Certainty

The rate members pay for electricity through an electricity service agreement with the Cooperative’s awarded retail electricity provider is fixed. This helps give members peace of mind when it comes to budgeting.

What Makes TASB Energy Cooperative’s Program Different?

The TASB Energy Cooperative built a program with members in mind. The electricity service agreement used by the awarded Retail Electric Provider when providing members with services through the Cooperative program has been specifically considered with an eye toward governmental entities’ needs. This includes:

  • Compliance: While any entity always needs to consider its own requirements, billing, payment, and other terms were built with consideration of laws affecting Texas local governmental entities.
  • Dedicated customer service: Members receive dedicated support from a Direct Energy Business account executive and a Direct Energy Business Customer Care team. In addition, TASB, as the Cooperative’s administrator, also has staff available to assist members with inquiries and general support regarding the Cooperative program.
  • No monthly meter charges: Members receive monthly cost savings per meter.
  • Unlimited add/deletes: Members can add or delete meters without penalty. Additionally, when adding meters, members receive the lower of the current energy price or their contract price.
  • Unlimited usage swing: Members are not penalized with fees for exceeding or falling short of projected usage on contracted meters.
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Direct Energy Business, an NRG Company

Direct Energy Business is the retail electric provider (REP) currently awarded by the TASB Energy Cooperative for use by members through the Cooperative program. Direct Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers in North America, serving more than 3 million customers across the continent.

Direct Energy, through an electricity service agreement with individual participating members, administers the billing, payment, account switching, and general customer service and competitively solicits the wholesale marketplace for the electric commodity on behalf of participating members.

The Energy Cooperative’s program with awarded REP Direct Energy helps entities act quickly to lock in energy costs to provide a fixed electricity rate over the length of your contract. TASB Energy Cooperative members can also take advantage of Direct Energy’s specific tools such as PowerBuy.

Get the latest electricity news and market updates from Direct Energy.

Direct Energy Business Contact for Members

Erin Scheetz, Direct Energy Business representative,, 214-577-9658.


The TASB Energy Cooperative electricity purchasing program is administered by the Texas Association of School Boards, Inc. (TASB), an electricity broker and aggregator registered with the Public Utility Commission of Texas. 

Membership Information

TASB Active Membership

Active Members consist of the boards of Texas public school districts and education service centers. They have voting privileges in the Association and may participate in all of TASB's services.

TASB Energy Cooperative Membership

Lock in budget certainty with competitive fixed rates on electricity, transportation fuels, and other types of commodities through TASB Energy Cooperative.

TASB Associate Membership

Associate Members consist of shared service arrangements, community colleges, and central appraisal districts.

TASB Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Members are open-enrollment and college/university charter schools in Texas.