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Online Environmental and Facility Trainings

Need help staying up to date with district facility regulations and standards? Our online courses can help you get the training you need on your own schedule.

Need help staying up to date with district facility regulations and standards? Our online courses can help you get the training you need.

All Planning and Environmental member districts are entitled to unlimited free training. TASB Facility Services training counts toward Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO) continuing education requirements. 


We offer live webinars and online training in the form of recorded webinars:

  • Webinars: TASB Facility Services offers a variety of training options. Our live webinars offer attendees an opportunity to ask questions of TASB’s facility experts.
  • Recorded webinars: Don’t have time for a live webinar? Check out our recorded webinars, which offer you on-demand training opportunities.

Asynchronous Courses

Want to learn on your own schedule? Our asynchronous online courses, including Asbestos Designated Person and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Coordinator, are available on demand for Environmental and Planning members.

Best Practices: Efficient Facilities

This course discusses everything from the pros and cons of various lighting to behavioral techniques you can employ in the classroom to getting the most out of your old HVAC equipment. Join us to get up to date and gain the tools necessary to take advantage of today’s energy and facility opportunities.

Indoor Air Quality Mysteries and Solutions

This course provides the tools to help school officials:

  • Understand new indoor air quality technologies
  • Diagnose common indoor air quality complaints
  • Develop crisis interventions when it comes to complaints about air quality within a building

Campus Safety and Security

This online training provides an overview of the issues surrounding campus safety, including current requirements and actions districts can take to address school safety. 

Looking for in-person training?

Membership Information

If your district has an Environmental or a Planning Membership through TASB Facility Services, contact us to learn more about our training opportunities. 

Facility Services Environmental Membership

Keeping up with facility regulations can be a challenge. Let TASB Facility Services help. Our Environmental Membership is tailored to your district’s needs.

Facility Services Planning Membership

TASB’s Facility Services Planning Membership includes all the benefits of our facility assessments as well as access to the TASB Facility Dashboard.

TASB Active Membership

Active Members consist of the boards of Texas public school districts and education service centers. They have voting privileges in the Association and may participate in all of TASB's services.

TASB Associate Membership

Associate Members consist of shared service arrangements, community colleges, and central appraisal districts.

TASB Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Members are open-enrollment and college/university charter schools in Texas.