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Model Employee Handbook

Easily customize your employee handbook to reflect local policy and practices with HR Services Model Employee Handbook.

The HR Services Model Employee Handbook (MEH) will help you set the right tone for your workplace. You can adapt this carefully researched text with resource materials correlated to TASB’s proprietary policy codes to reflect local policy and practices that meet the distinct needs of your district.  

An employee handbook not only sets guidance and rules, it’s also integral to setting the overall tone for your workplace. HR Services produces a handbook exclusively for its members to customize. The handbooks are designed to provide resource material related to the development of a localized employee handbook in an easy-to-use, adaptable format. 

The sample text provided in the MEH is intended to reflect typical policies and procedures and is for resource purposes only. Text should be carefully edited and revised to create an employee handbook that accurately reflects local policy, practices, and climate. Because of the complex and unique nature of personnel policies and practices and the potential for litigation, HR Services strongly encourages involvement of local counsel in the review of the employee handbook. 

Developed To Be Customized 

The complete MEH and the editable version are designed to be used together. The complete MEH includes commentary to help users research policies and practices, adapt the text to meet local needs, and identify issues and additional information for consideration. 


The editable versions are formatted to support accessibility for individuals with disabilities. 

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