TEA Updates Certification Webpages

June 30, 2021 • Karen Dooley

TEA Updates Certification Webpages

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has made updates to the Out-of-State Certified Educators and the School District Personnel Certification Information webpages.

Included in the update for out-of-state certification applicants is a detailed seven-step checklist with embedded links needed for the application process. The steps to complete the out-of-state certification process include the following:

  • Apply for a review of credentials
  • Submit required documents
  • Pending review
  • Review results
  • Testing
  • Apply for your standards certificate
  • View certificate online

School districts can use the checklist when working directly with applicants to ensure they are tracking their progress through the out-of-state certification process.

The updated School District Personnel Certification Information is a Q&A for three highlighted areas—Out of State Certification Information, Emergency Permit Information, and Educational Aide Assignment Information. This information is intended to ensure school districts can easily navigate educator certification requirements for staff required to hold appropriate Texas credentials.

For additional questions regarding Texas educator certification contact the TEA help desk.

Karen Dooley is a Senior HR Consultant at TASB HR Services. Send Karen an email at karen.dooley@tasb.org.

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