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Press Release

New BuyBoard Rebate Structure in the Works Makes It Easier for More Members to Earn

Austin— The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative (Cooperative), also known as BuyBoard, is working to restructure its rebate program making it even easier for more Texas members to earn cash back at the end of the year.

In 2020-21, BuyBoard returned its largest rebate to date, more than $10.7 million, to 987 Cooperative members across Texas, including public schools, colleges and universities, and local governmental entities. Since 2006, more than $80 million has been rebated to eligible members.

BuyBoard is now looking to simplify the rebate structure. By eliminating a complex tiered structure for calculating rebate rates, BuyBoard believes it can make rebates more equitable and inclusive for Texas Cooperative members so that all school districts and other members will receive the same rebate rate, regardless of organization size or purchase total. Such restructuring may allow for even more members to qualify for rebates on their purchases.

For purchases to qualify for potential rebates, members must indicate on the purchase order that a BuyBoard contract was used, and then send the purchase order to BuyBoard. They can be submitted through the application, by email individually, or multiple purchase orders can be submitted in a spreadsheet at the end of a month. Rebate determinations for 2021-2022 will be based on BuyBoard purchases reported between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022.

Approved rebates are typically delivered to members via ACH in December. Amounts vary, with some past member rebates as large as $400,000. The more a member organization procures through BuyBoard, the more rebate dollars it may be qualified for at the end of each year. Rebates for the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative are not guaranteed in any given year and are approved by the Cooperative’s Board of Trustees annually.

Learn more about the rebate program on the BuyBoard website.

About the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative

The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative was created to increase the purchasing power of Texas public schools, municipalities, counties, colleges, universities, and all types of local government entities and to simplify their purchasing by using a customized online purchasing system called the BuyBoard. BuyBoard has delivered economies of scale in purchasing products and services to members since 1998.

The Cooperative is endorsed by the Texas Association of Counties, Texas Municipal League, Texas Association of School Administrators and TASB. The Cooperative is also a strategic partner of the Texas Association of School Business Officials.

About TASB

TASB is a nonprofit organization established in 1949 to serve local Texas school boards. School board members are the largest group of publicly elected officials in the state. The districts they represent serve more than 5.4 million public school students.