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New Survey Data Available in TASB HRDataSource

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Data from the 2022 TASB District Personnel Salary Survey is now available in TASB HRDataSource™.

To view District Personnel Survey data for teacher and other school benchmark jobs, log in to TASB HRDataSource, choose Salary and FTE Reports, then select the criteria for your report. The report will display in your browser, and you can download in PDF or Excel.

Participation was strong this year, with 578 total surveys received — up 11 percent from last year. Some of those still have data questions pending, so data for about 520 districts have been posted to TASB HRDataSource — we will release additional districts’ data later in December as answers are finalized.

Looking for Info on Our Other Surveys?

  • Data from the Community College Salary Survey data will be posted December 8.
  • The Extra-Duty Stipend Survey deadline has been extended to December 9. In January we will send data verification questions to the survey respondent.
  • The HR Surveys will open in January with data available in March. The surveys cover benefits, leaves, contracts, HR department, teachers, substitutes, and a new section on hiring, vacancies, and strategic staffing. Participants will receive a summary PDF of data from the new questions.

If you have questions about TASB HRDataSource or our surveys, please contact or 800-580-7782 to speak to an analyst.

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