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Board Officer Institute

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Your needs and duties as a board officer are unique, and TASB supports you with an equally unique remote coaching program that helps you elevate your leadership skills in six weeks.

Board Officer Institute: A Journey to Excellence is offered twice a year, with the program beginning in mid-January and mid-July. Board officers are encouraged to participate in the six-week, fully remote, course.

In this course, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand the roles of school board officers
  • Run an effective meeting
  • Successfully work with different personality types
  • Provide useful feedback to other board members

You'll also receive up to 14 hours of credit for completing all weekly sessions and three one-hour sessions of one-on-one coaching.

Learning and Live Webinars

Each week, a new online learning module will be added so you can explore the week’s topic through brief online materials. After completing the online materials, the class will meet online for a live webinar with the remote coach. Participants will discuss the group’s questions about the topic of the week and get additional resources and insights.

One-on-One Coaching

Three one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions are included in this course. Use this time to explore anything that was covered in the course as well as any other topics you might need help with. If you need additional coaching, the service is available for an additional fee.

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1: Board Officer Roles and Responsibilities  
  • Week 2: Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Week 3: Running an Effective Meeting
  • Week 4: Team Inventory
  • Week 5: Goal Setting
  • Week 6: Superintendent Evaluation 

Upcoming Session

Board Officer Institute will be offered during Summer Leadership Institute in San Antonio, June 12-15, and in Fort Worth, June 19-22.

Learn more about Board Officer Institute, contact Esperanza Orosco at or 512-787-2540. For other questions contact Board Development Services on 800-580-8272, ext. 2453 or email

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