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Comprehensive and Custom Special Populations Program Reviews

Are your special populations programs on track? Our custom program reviews can help your district improve efficiency, sustainability, and effectiveness.

You’re committed to ensuring your special populations programs and services are sustainable and effective. You know you need to start with a detailed understanding of the big picture. It’s a big project. 

The TASB Student Solutions custom special populations program reviews are designed to provide you with the findings and recommendations you need to improve efficiency, sustainability, and student success. 

Our experienced team is equipped to provide custom reviews of all special populations, including: 

  • Special education 
  • Section 504 
  • Emergent bilingual 
  • Gifted and talented 

We realize that no two school districts are alike. TASB Student Solutions will: 

  • Work with your team to determine your district’s goals. 
  • Deliver program reviews that meet your unique needs. 
  • Offer everything from a detailed folder review to a comprehensive deep dive into your programs. 
  • Our program evaluations include detailed reports highlighting findings and recommendations. 

Address Compliance in Your Special Populations Programs and Services 

In our comprehensive review process, we’ll look at all aspects of your programs. Our reviews address compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, and requirements, as well as research- and evidence-based best practices that can improve positive outcomes. 

Documentation Review 

  • Thorough review of an agreed upon percentage of student audit folders 
  • Completed on site or remotely with access to the district’s management system software 
  • Provide a detailed review and feedback on processes, procedures, and practices 
  • Assist your team in drafting necessary operating procedures 

Focused Stakeholder Interviews 

  • Meet with district level administrators to fully understand goals of review 
  • Establish which stakeholders should be interviewed and in what settings 
  • Use advanced interview techniques to get deeper and reveal the needed information 
  • Assess the understanding of and adherence to district processes, procedures, and practices 

Classroom Observations 

  • Observe inclusion and general population classrooms in various instructional settings across grade levels 
  • Systematically collect data regarding best practice expectations 

Workload Staffing Analysis 

  • Provide data-based staffing recommendations for working with special education populations 
  • Establish educational setting requirements 
  • Determine staff time necessary to accomplish required activities 

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