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TASB makes it easy to take your annual board training courses and log your continuing education credits. Learn how TASB can help!

As a board member, you know that staying up to date with your annual training is not only required, but it also allows you to keep up with your learning journey to be a knowledgeable and effective trustee. At TASB, we make it easy to earn your credits through in-person and online training. And once you’ve taken your TASB-provided continuing education training courses, you can keep a record of your learning by reporting your credits through myCEC. It’s quick, easy, and immediate since it’s done electronically while at a TASB event! 

You can feel confident knowing that your continuing education hours are being accurately recorded immediately following your completed training. With myCEC, you can also track your progress toward completing your required continuing education hours each year. And if you have questions, you can reach out to an administrator for support. 

Board members can report TASB-provided training events themselves through myCEC. Superintendents or administrative professionals can add non-TASB-provided training through the Continuing Education Credit Reporting Service (CECRS). Together, these two recordkeeping tools support board members and the district in maintaining accurate records of trustee training requirements each year. 

TASB Provided Training 

To report credits earned at TASB events, simply log into your dashboard to access myCEC and report your credits. If you need assistance with your TASB login, contact the administrator at

If it has been more than 24 hours since the TASB event concluded, use this form to request manual credit entry. Please allow 48 hours to process. You will receive a confirmation email message when complete. 

Non-TASB Provided Training 

To enter training credit that was provided by a source other than TASB, use the Credit Entry ─ Non-TASB Training option in the Continuing Education Credit Reporting Service (CECRS), also easily accessible in your dashboard. 

Membership Information

As a school board member, TASB is here to support you with all of your training and continuing education needs, including CEC recording. With your current membership, you have access to your dashboard and myCEC. 

TASB Active Membership

Active Members consist of the boards of Texas public school districts and education service centers. They have voting privileges in the Association and may participate in all of TASB's services.