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Long-Range Facility Planning

Looking to map out your district’s facility needs? TASB Facility Services offers long-range planning to help align your facility priorities with your district’s educational vision.

As a district maintenance manager, you need a detailed understanding of your facility’s needs now and into the future. TASB takes you through a comprehensive assessment and future projections to help you align your facility priorities with your district’s educational vision, creating a legacy document that will serve the district for years.

Long-range planning takes facility assessments into the future by helping your district plan for necessary maintenance expenses and anticipate future facility needs.

  • Master planning: Provide your administrators, policy makers, and the community with clear direction on how your school district should address its facility needs.
  • Educational adequacy assessment: Establish how well your current and future educational programs are supported by your facilities and future facility plans. Assessments include evaluation of core space sizing, regular classroom sizing and layouts, specialized classroom needs, site needs, and support service needs.
  • Geographic information systems (GIS): Explore the big picture of district data through maps of student locations, grade levels, demographics, programming, school sites, current and proposed boundaries, housing developments, and more. GIS work products offered include:
    • Attendance Zone Mapping
    • Utilization Mapping
    • Student Scatter Plots
    • Student Density Mapping
    • Live-Attend Mapping
    • Room Utilization Studies
    • Cumulative Distance Mapping
    • Internet Access Mapping
  • Attendance boundary determination: A variety of factors can necessitate the redistribution of students among schools, including:
    • Opening a new school
    • Increasing or decreasing enrollment
    • Housing trends
    • In and out migration

Let us help you balance your facility capacity based on location, enrollment, demographics, school size, programming, and efficiency.

Membership Information

TASB Membership is required (if your organization is eligible for membership) to take advantage of these services.

TASB Active Membership

Active Members consist of the boards of Texas public school districts and education service centers. They have voting privileges in the Association and may participate in all of TASB's services.

TASB Associate Membership

Associate Members consist of shared service arrangements, community colleges, and central appraisal districts.

TASB Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Members are open-enrollment and college/university charter schools in Texas.