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Construction Consulting

If your district has big facilities projects and limited bandwidth, TASB Facility Services can help. We provide consulting services to guide you through every phase of a construction project.

As a maintenance manager, you often have big projects coming up for your district and limited bandwidth. Having a partner who's tackled district construction challenges before can help you move forward with confidence.

Construction Consulting

TASB's construction project assistance services team can work with you from concept to closeout. Together with Cooperative Strategies, our preferred provider, we'll work with your district to help guide you through all phases of a construction project, including:

  • Preconstruction and design
  • Vendor solicitation and selection
  • Construction
  • Timeline management
  • Budget monitoring
  • Risk and issue mitigation
  • Postconstruction and close out

Construction Program Management

Acting as an extension of your leadership, Cooperative Strategies program management team works on behalf of the school district to coordinate, organize, and manage the many players involved and ensure the project is held accountable to budget, timeline, and education vision.

As a TASB preferred provider, Cooperative Strategies can provide:

  • Communication with the district through a project website, status updates, and monthly written progress reports
  • Preconstruction and design phase assistance for informed decision making and assistance with procurement management, master budget and schedule development, and cost modeling
  • Construction management assistance to reinforce the safety of construction sites and the quality of the project while managing subcontractor schedules and the master budget

Throughout the construction program management process, Cooperative Strategies will assist your district in maximizing value for the tax dollars and improving the educational environment for your students.

Active TASB Membership is required, if your organization is eligible for membership, to take advantage of these services.

Membership Information

TASB Membership is required, if your organization is eligible for membership, to take advantage of these services. 

TASB Active Membership

Active Members consist of the boards of Texas public school districts and education service centers. They have voting privileges in the Association and may participate in all of TASB's services.

TASB Associate Membership

Associate Members consist of shared service arrangements, community colleges, and central appraisal districts.

TASB Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Members are open-enrollment and college/university charter schools in Texas.