School districts are often among the largest employers in a community. In addition to the challenges and opportunities faced by any major employer, school districts are governed by laws and standards that are unique to public education. School board policies regarding personnel topics are found in the TASB Policy Manual at the codes beginning with the letter "D."

Compensation and Leaves of Absence

Resources related to employee compensation and benefits, including leaves of absence.

Contract and At-Will Employment

Resources related to contracts, including contracts governed by Texas Education Code Chapter 21; at-will employment; and ending employment, including contract nonrenewal, termination, suspension, reduction in force, and resignation.

Employment Conditions

Resources related to employee grievances, freedom from harassment and discrimination, assignments and schedules, and employee rights and welfare.

Employment Requirements

Resources related to nepotism and conflicts of interest, criminal background checks, credentials and certification, and hiring practices.

Performance and Development

Resources related to employee standards of conduct, staff development, and performance evaluations.

Personnel Records

Resources related to the retention of school personnel records.