Governance is the means by which the school board and administration collaborate to adopt policies and procedures, achieve consistent management, and assign decision-making authority within the school district. School board policies regarding local district governance are found in the TASB Policy Manual at the codes beginning with the letters "A" and "B."

Accreditation and Accountability

Resources related to state and federal performance indicators, standards, and sanctions.

Board Meetings

Resources related to conducting board meetings, including complying with the Texas Open Meetings Act, conducting open and closed meetings, and permitting public comment.

Board Member Responsibilities

Resources related to board service, including required board training, board officers and elections, district oversight by the board, ethics, technology use, and filling a board member vacancy after resignation.

Conflicts of Interest

Resources related to board members holding more than one public office and working or volunteering in the school district, as well as information on financial conflicts of interest and required disclosures.

Districts of Innovation

Resources related to the District of Innovation concept, which gives traditional independent school districts most of the flexibilities available to Texas’ open-enrollment charter schools.


Resources related to candidates and campaigning; conducting elections; and post-election procedures.


Resources related to superintendent recruitment, contracts, duties, and evaluations.