Teacher Certification: Part 5—Nonrenewable Permit

May 03, 2021 • Karen Dooley

Teacher Certification: Part 5—Nonrenewable Permit

A nonrenewable permit (NRP) may be activated for an individual who has not completed appropriate educator assessment requirements specified in Title 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §230.21.

An NRP can only be used for the following circumstances as detailed in 19 TAC §230.83:

  • An individual has not successfully completed all appropriate examination requirements but has completed course and degree requirements of a Texas educator preparation program
  • An individual holding a Texas teacher certificate dated before February 1, 1986 has not revalidated the certificate by passing an examination

An NRP activated for the first reason expires 12 months from the date of activation, while one activated for the second reason expires six months from date of activation or at the end of a school year, whichever is sooner. An NRP may not be activated in an assignment area for which another permit was previously authorized.

Activating an NRP

An employing superintendent or designee must verify an individual’s eligibility for an NRP and submit the following information to the State Board of Educator Certification within 45 calendar days of the assignment:

  • An NRP application completed prior to the effective date of the assignment
  • The appropriate fee ($57)

The fee for an NRP must be paid by the school district.

To assist with verification of eligibility, the individual should provide the employing school district a letter verifying completion of their program and proof of registration for the next available certification exam.

Limited application

An NRP is limited in its application because the individual must have completed a Texas university education program and lack certification testing requirements or be an educator certified prior to February 1, 1986. It doesn’t apply to an applicant who lacks more than successful completion of the appropriate examination. However, these applicants may qualify for an emergency permit.

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