TEA Provides Certification Guidance

October 08, 2020 • Karen Dooley

TEA Provides Certification Guidance

As the 2020–2021 school year gets underway, districts are still struggling to find certified teachers to fill vacancies.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recently posted Certification Assignment Flexibility. Similar to our September 2018 HRX post, 7 Ways to Qualify an Uncertified Teacher, this guidance provides flexibility options for districts seeking to qualify uncertified teachers.

TEA describes in detail possible uses of the different types of options. The guidance concludes with real-life scenarios and application of noted flexibility options.

If an HR office has specific questions related to these options, TEA recommends submitting a help desk ticket using the subject line: Certification Assignment Flexibility Options.

Karen Dooley is a senior HR consultant at TASB HR Services. Send Karen an email at karen.dooley@tasb.org.

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