Sample Administrator Interview Questions

February 01, 2021 • Karen Dooley

Sample Administrator Interview Questions

To ensure the selection of the most qualified administrator candidate, HR should provide for an effective interview process.

Preparing for an effective interview process includes identifying the interview method, designing useful questions, and knowing what information is being sought.

Interview questions

The interview process affords the opportunity for an organization to determine an applicant’s skills, relevant experience, and characteristics. These factors will reveal whether the applicant fits the organizational culture or not. Using a variety of questions that are behavioral, competency-based, and situational in nature will furnish needed information to determine the applicant’s ability to be successful in the job.

Sample Administrator Interview Questions are available in the HR Library. The questions are divided into seven categories including:

  • Opening questions
  • District leadership
  • Human capital management
  • Personal leadership
  • District culture
  • Strategic operations
  • Diversity and inclusion

Attributes and answers to “listen for” are included to help rate the quality of the responses and can be tailored to the organization’s needs.

It’s also important to include questions based on the position’s specific responsibilities and skills. The current job description or sample specialized responsibilities and skills for executive and director/coordinator positions, found in the Employee Performance section of the HR Library, can be used by HR and the hiring committee to develop these additional questions and desired responses.

Preparation pay off

Selecting the applicant who’ll do the best job may seem difficult but using these sample questions and resources can help simplify the process. Investing the time up front will pay off in the long run and help with the selection of the most qualified candidate.

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