Pre-Employment Affidavit during School Closure

May 13, 2020 • Patti Ellis

Pre-Employment Affidavit During School Closure

Editor’s note: This article, originally published on March 26, 2020, has been updated to provide links to the new pre-employment affidavit for online notarization and temporary policies for Form I-9.

While schools are currently closed related to safety measures surrounding COVID-19, there are still some business processes, such as hiring, that must continue.

The completion of the pre-employment affidavit requires notarization which poses challenges in a time where social distancing is required. Below are options to obtain notarization of the pre-employment affidavit:

  • In person: Essential staff are able to travel for business reasons, which would include having required documents notarized.

Non-essential and remote staff can seek out local banks to have their pre-employment affidavit notarized. Keep in mind that not all banks are continuing services and may have adjusted hours or require an appointment. Call ahead to know what your options are locally. If visiting a bank in person continue to use recommended precautions to maintain a safe and healthy transaction.

  • Online: The State of Texas has provisions allowing for remote notarization using an audio-visual conference. Several organizations offer this service, and applicants can review options online by searching “online notary Texas” to choose the one that best fits their need. The Sample Pre-Employment Affidavit for Applicant (Online Notarization), available in TASB School Law eSource, should be used for this purpose.

Additional information about the pre-employment affidavit process Frequently Asked Questions About Required Pre-Employment Affidavits is published online in the TASB School Law eSource.

Other hiring processes

Flexibility for completing other required forms while HR departments are working remotely, such as the Form I-9, are also available. Details can be found in these HRX articles:

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