Indeed Moves Closer to Becoming an All-In-One Hiring Platform

October 28, 2022 • Keith McLemore

Indeed Moves Closer to Becoming an All-In-One Hiring Platform

Indeed recently announced it will transition from a pay-per-click model to a pay-per-started-application and pay-per-application model with the intent of getting employers closer to the hire.

The upcoming pricing model change is scheduled to fully launch in 2023 after previously being rolled out on a lesser scale to smaller employers. The launch will include new features that speed up hiring while improving the candidate experience.

Currently, employers who post jobs to Indeed pay each time a candidate selects a job ad. Beginning in 2023, employers will pay only when a candidate starts or submits an application. The advantage for employers is that it eliminates paying when someone simply views the posting and doesn’t apply.

Key takeaways from an in-depth overview by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) include:

  • The pay-per-application option is for jobs posted directly on Indeed.
  • The pay-per-started-application is mostly applicable to jobs indexed by Indeed from the internet.
  • Pay-per-click pricing will no longer be available post-completion.
  • Indeed is moving from a strictly search mode to a recommendation experience.

For more information on the pricing model change, check out Indeed’s pricing FAQs.

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