Superintendent Contract Practices Info Available in DataCentral

August 01, 2018 • Troy Bryant


If you're looking for Texas school district current practices for superintendent contracts, DataCentral has survey results available from nearly 300 districts. 

Length of Superintendent Contract Term by percentage

Data provided:

  • Length of contract term
  • Contract extensions
  • Performance evaluations
  • Pay increase practices

To access the results, you must participate in the survey. If you’ve already participated, please review and update your survey if there has been a change (the "Status" column shows your district’s last response).

How to access HR Surveys in DataCentral

  1. Log in to myTASB from the website.
  2. In the myTASB Programs menu, select DataCentral. The DataCentral homepage opens.
  3. In DataCentral, go to the HR Data page.
  4. Click Take Survey to participate (or update your survey).

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