School Action Fund Grant

November 01, 2022 • Sarah James

School Action Fund Grant

The Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) School Action Fund (SAF) grant will begin accepting applications on November 7, 2022.

The SAF is intended to empower and support districts with comprehensive and bold actions to transform low-performing schools, fulfill unmet community needs, and expand access to world-class learning environments for students. Districts selected for the grant will receive planning and implementation funds and technical assistance.

Center for School Actions lists the following school actions available through the grant:

  • Restart: Transform existing schools by installing new leadership and staff and implementing a rigorous turnaround model.
  • New school: Create a new school to fill in a gap in the community.
  • Redesign: Support a school leader in developing and implementing a new, innovative model.
  • Reassign: Close a low performing school and support the thoughtful transfer of students into existing A or B schools.

All Comprehensive campuses and Targeted campuses with D or F ratings are eligible for the funds.

SAF Overview webinars are available for registration via the TEA website. Other information, including details about the application process and the School Action Fund grant timeline, can be found on the Center for School Actions website.

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