Reviewing Policy Manuals

May 27, 2022 • Sarah James

Reviewing Policy Manuals

TASB Policy Service recommends an annual review of key policies to ensure alignment with district practices and other district documents.

Board policy requires policy and practice to align, and local policies should reflect the practice of the district and the intentions of the board. Districts must reference policy to support local decisions. It’s important to note that policy prevails in a conflict between regulations and policy.

Policy Service publishes a Policy Alert every year at the end of July to help districts identify which key policies require annual review. Additionally, a thorough review of the district policy manual is recommended at least every five to seven years.

Reviewing policies regularly is imperative to ensure any changes in law, district practice, staffing, or other factors are addressed. Members of TASB Policy Service should contact their policy consultant for a timely, comprehensive review of their policy manual.

For more information on the topic, read Reviewing Policy Manuals for Alignment with Practice on TASB Member Center.

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