Managing Employee Performance

January 27, 2022 • Sarah James

Managing Employee Performance

TASB HR Services is providing two resources to support administrators and supervisors in the crucial task of managing employee performance.

We’re pleased to announce the release of our book The Administrator’s Guide to Managing Employee Performance. The Guide addresses effective performance management practices including coaching strategies to monitor employee performance and a constructive discipline model. Tools to develop local procedures, standards, and support systems for supervisors are included, and helpful supervisory strategies to support the evaluation of all employees are provided.

Districts and Education Service Centers (ESCs) can also arrange a virtual or local in-person training of Supervisor’s Guide to Managing Employee Performance.  This session helps supervisors develop skills to handle personnel situations and coach employees to give their best performance. Strategies for handling and documenting performance problems will also be addressed. Information on basic HR laws will be given to help supervisors avoid complaints, grievances and claims of discrimination, retaliation, and unfair treatment.

Topics covered include:

  • Motivating and managing employees
  • Communicating performance expectations
  • Identifying and addressing common performance problems
  • Understanding state and federal employment laws

Visit the TASB Store to purchase a copy of The Administrator’s Guide to Managing Employee Performance. For more information on scheduling Supervisor’s Guide to Managing Employee Performance, as well as any of our other training sessions, visit the TASB HR Services Training Descriptions page or contact us by phone at 800.580.7782 or via email at

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