Is It Time to Renew Your District of Innovation Plan?

August 04, 2021 • Jennifer Barton

Is It Time to Renew Your District of Innovation Plan?

TASB Legal Services recently published guidance for districts in need of renewing a district of innovation (DOI) plan.

Since 2015, more than half of Texas school districts have sought and received DOI designations. Plans are effective for five years, so many districts are beginning the renewal process during this upcoming school year.

The article, written by TASB Legal Services lead attorney, Leslie Story, provides steps and guidelines for the renewal process. Districts can use the information to initiate the process, confirm the DOI plan contains required criteria, and ensure plan approval by the district advisory committee and the board of trustees.

School districts can seek additional renewal guidance on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website or through their legal counsel.

Jennifer Barton is an HR and compensation consultant at TASB HR Services. Send Jennifer an email at

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