Infectious Disease and Public Schools

March 04, 2020 • Sarah James

Infectious Disease and Public Schools Q&A

As concerns regarding the spread of the Coronavirus continue to grow, it is important for districts to review their infectious disease response plans and monitor available resources.

TASB Legal Services has compiled helpful information and resources to aid school districts in this process. Topics covered in this Q&A include:

  • Understanding infectious disease
  • Communicating with staff, students, parents, and the media
  • Emergency operations planning
  • Student health, attendance, and privacy issues
  • Employee issues
  • Facility issues and school closures

For the full Q&A, check out TASB Legal Services’ Responding to the Risk of Infectious Disease in Public Schools

Additional information on school closures and personnel issues can be found in TASB Legal Services' Personnel Issues During Epidemics and School Closings. For additional resources, including community college guidance, visit the TASB Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources page.

Sarah James is a communications specialist at TASB HR Services. Send Sarah an email at

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