HR Services Celebrates 35 Years

October 01, 2019 • Amy Campbell

HR Services Celebrates 35 years

September 2019 marks the 35th anniversary of TASB HR Services. We’re so proud of how far we’ve come since 1984, and we’re so excited for where we’re going. 

Back in 2014, we celebrated our 30th anniversary with lots of comparisons between HR Services in 1984 and HR Services in 2014. This year, we took a quick look at just how far we’ve come in the past five years.

Looking back

In 2014, we had 980 district, charter, college, and ESC members. As of today, we have an impressive 1,031 total members, which is a 5 percent increase. Every district larger than 3,000 students is a member of HR Services, as is every ESC in the state. And 99 percent of districts with enrollment between 500 and 3,000 are members of HR Services.

In 2014, we completed 154 consulting engagements—staffing reviews, compensation studies, employee surveys, and HR reviews. In 2018-19, we completed a record 198 projects, representing 29 percent growth over the past five years. We’re also working with more first-time client districts and more districts at each end of the enrollment spectrum—very small and very large districts.

The 904 consulting projects we’ve completed in the past five years are for districts in all 20 ESC regions, from far east to far west Texas, the panhandle, the valley, and everywhere in between.

Our consultants have done more than 200 conference presentations in the past five years, and consultants have completed more than 80 in-district and ESC trainings during that time.

Looking forward

One of our primary goals is to increase member engagement with our resources. We hope to continue to offer timely and helpful information in a variety of formats, including through HRX and via social media, and we’re taking time to expand our resources in the HR Library. We’re working on new books in the Administrator’s Guide series, updating current books, and expanding our training offerings. We’re also continuing to build partnerships with other associations to help support our members.

We’d like to know what you think about our services so we can better serve you. Please send your responses to these questions or any other suggestions to

  • Is there a resource or service you wish we provided?
  • Is there something we do that you particularly like? We can look at expanding our offerings in that area.
  • Is there something you wish were different about HR Services?

We’re thankful for the past 35 years and are looking forward to many more years supporting HR leadership in schools.

Amy Campbell is the Director of TASB HR Services. Send Amy an email at

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