HR Manager Named Top 5 Job for Career Growth Opportunities

August 16, 2019 • Zach DiSchiano

HR Manager Named Top-5 Job for Career Growth Opportunities

If you’re looking for a career path that offers an abundance of opportunities for advancement, working in human resources is about as good as it gets.

That’s what a recent Glassdoor study found after analyzing millions of reviews on its site, ranking jobs based on a career opportunity rating, median base salary, and number of openings for each position.

HR Manager cracked the top-five, edging out jobs like Data Scientist and Business Development Manager despite a significantly lower median salary.

Rank Job Title Career Opportunities Rating Median Base Salary Job Openings on Glassdoor
1 Tax Manager 4.1 $112,021 4,803
2 Salesforce Developer 4.1 $81,721 3,193
3 Product Designer 4.1 $102,054 2,045
4 Strategy Manager 4 $142,328 3,131
5 HR Manager 4 $84,700 4,351
6 Audit Manager 4 $102,521 3,050
7 Data Scientist 3.9 $110,160 6,789
8 Business Development Manager 3.9 $80,341 6,982
9 Java Developer 3.9 $82,087 9,367
10 Marketing Manager 3.9 $83,513 8,194

To view the full list of results, check out the Glassdoor website.

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