Happy Holidays from HR Services

December 14, 2020 • Amy Campbell

Happy Holidays from HR Services

As 2020 draws to a close, we wanted to wish all our members and readers very happy holidays.

Traditionally, we’ve sent you a greeting card or photo of our team decked out in holiday garb, but we’re all still working remotely so that wasn’t an option this year. Instead, we bring holiday greetings via Zoom, which seemingly everything is via these days.

HR Services Holiday Greeting

This year has been exhausting for you and for us, as well, and we’re looking forward to putting it behind us. We’ve missed seeing you all in person at conferences or in-district meetings, but we’re grateful we’ve been able to keep in touch with you via virtual meetings and phone calls.

It’s really difficult to write about our time in the pandemic without using clich├ęs like “unprecedented times” or “uncharted waters”, especially when talking about all HR has done to make public education in a pandemic successful.

How can I best share my pride in our team’s hard work to provide guidance on convoluted and complex topics on the fly? How can I voice how grateful I am for all they’ve done to support you since mid-March and for all they continue to do?

And, equally important, how can I adequately thank each of you for the infinitely hard work you’ve done to make education happen for the students of Texas, despite the ever-mounting challenges and difficulties you’re facing?

I’m not sure I can. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

But that’s what I’ve got. So, thanks to my staff, and thanks to all of you working in public education across Texas. Human resources is always a pretty tough area to work in, and it’s been especially challenging during the pandemic but completely essential. Thanks for all you do.

May you all enjoy some well-deserved time off (No, seriously! Take some time off!) and have a safe and happy holiday season. From all of us at HR Services, happy holidays!

Amy Campbell is director at TASB HR Services. Send Amy an email at amy.campbell@tasb.org.

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