Texas Teacher Dropouts at Alarming High

January 27, 2022 • Nicolle Gee-Guzman

Texas Teacher Dropouts at Alarming High

A recent study by the University of Houston shows first-year teacher retention is at an all-time low.

Teacher shortages are making already challenging situations even more complicated for schools, districts, and parents. According to the 2020–2021 Texas Teacher Workforce Report, over a 10-year period the largest drop off rate occurs after a teacher’s first year.

Little to no increase in compensation was identified as a possible cause. Teacher and staff shortages due to COVID have also caused burnout for those having to cover additional classes. Jackie Anderson, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, indicates that change is needed and “revamping education and what’s expected and required" is necessary.

For more information on the topic, check out KHOU’s article New Texas teachers leaving the job most after their first year, study says.

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