Report: Jobs in Public Schools Haven't Recovered Since Great Recession

October 09, 2018 • Zach DiSchiano

While other industries have managed to rebound from the financial crisis, public schools are still struggling to fill key positions. 

According to a report from MarketWatch, there are 116,000 fewer public education jobs than there were before the recession began in 2007. If you include the number of jobs that should have been created to keep pace with the rapidly growing student enrollment, the industry is actually facing a 389,000 job shortfall. 

Once again, the report cites subpar wages and poor working conditions as major factors in the lopsided gap between how many teachers the country should have vs. how many it does have, but that's nothing new for anyone who follows the education field closely. In Texas, major slashes to state funding in 2011 had a devastating impact to the teacher workforce and the state has still yet to recover. 

Though the U.S. economy continues to get stronger and the unemployment rate falls to record lows, we're seeing one of the biggest and most important sectors in the nation get left behind as workers pursue higher paying jobs with better working conditions in other fields. 

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