Holiday Travel Reminders

October 21, 2020 • Patti Redding

Holiday Travel Reminders

As the holiday season approaches, districts should remind staff about expectations for returning to work following certain travel, as many may plan to go elsewhere for recreation or to see friends and family.


Similar to communication that may have been sent prior to the beginning of the school year when employees may have been coming back from summer getaways, additional communication is needed to prepare staff who may be considering travel during the upcoming winter holidays. Communicating in advance allows employees to make informed decisions regarding travel and prepare to adhere to requirements upon their return.

Communication should include:

  • District policies on traveling and self-isolation upon return
  • Access to any forms staff may need to complete (sample travel reporting form)
  • Contact information for employees with questions
  • Links to up-to-date CDC information (travel recommendations, COVID data tracker, etc.)
  • Related leave information should employees not be able to return to work

Returning after the break

Human resources staff should follow up with any employees who reported travel during the break. Obtaining information regarding the employee’s travel destination(s) and potential self-isolation will help determine whether an employee should return to work.

For more information, refer to the previous HRX article, Employee Travel and Return to Work.

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