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Facebook Now Allows Employers to Post Jobs from Company Page

March 22, 2017 • Zachary DiSchiano

There's now another place you can post job vacancies online—your district’s Facebook page.

It’s not a new website, but rather a new, free tool for companies to use to further improve their presence on Facebook. Simply click the ‘jobs’ tab on your corporate Facebook page and follow the prompts to publish an opening.

The interface is simple and easy to use, especially for those already with Facebook pages. There’s no learning the navigation of a new job site. It’s still Facebook, and you compose a job posting just the same as you would post a status update, with a few more details and blanks to fill. To see how it works, check out SHRM’s video here.

This new tool doesn’t replace sites like LinkedIn or Indeed, but it's a nice tool to have and another outlet to use when you need to fill jobs.

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